What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale occurs when the balance owed on a home mortgage exceeds the market value of the property. This leaves sellers with the unfortunate choice of having to remain in a home that no longer fits them or that they can no longer afford or attempting a short sale.

A Short Sale requires finding a buyer to purchase the property at the market price and negotiating with the lender to obtain approval to sell the property at the market price and for the lender to release their lien on the property.

Loss Mitigation refers to bringing a short sale offer to a lender so that the lender can reduce their potential future loss on the property through foreclosing and having to own the property, make repairs and improvements, covering holding costs and then the costs of trying to re-sell the property often for much less than the bank could have on a short sale.

Short Sale Assistance
For Homeowners/Sellers
and Buyers

Having an experienced short sale negotiation company involved in the sale of your property greatly decreases the amount of time required to complete the sale.

For the short sale seller, the negotiation company assists in encouraging the lender to process the sale quickly enough to keep a foreclosure off their credit.  The buyer also benefits from a rapid negotiation and closing process in order to obtain the best price possible for the property.

Short Sale Assistance
For Realtors

When a Realtor enlists a short sale negotiation company to be on his/her team to assist with short sale listings, the agent can return to what they do best: listing and selling real estate.

Gone are the days of spending interminable hours on the phone with banks.  Instead, the real estate agents that work with us spend their time marketing, selling and closing property transactions.